Why a Synergy ?

Why to get a Synergy Yikebike, instead a Carbon or a Fusion ?

The 'Synergy' Yikebike, have the frame of the 'Carbon' (in Carbon Fiber) and the front assembly of the 'Fusion', with Covers in Composite, that means that uses the parts of the other two models to be assembled.


Advantages :

1) Most of the Weight of the bike, its in the frame, so replacing it for the Carbon Fiber, you will loose a big amount of pounds !

2) The noise of the bike, its made by the gear, and the composite covers retain more efficient that noise, making the bike more silent

3) The Frontal assembly has three screws in the 'Carbon' Model, but in the Fusion and Synergy, has 5, that means that the 'Synergy' and 'Fusion' has more support from the covers.

4) With less Money, the 'Synergy' owner will get the same looking of the 'Carbon' Fiber model

5) The real difference in weight between the 'Carbon' and the 'Synergy' , will be some like 2 Kgs (4 pounds) and that is not that much !!


For us, the real deal, will be getting a Synergy... the perfect middle model of the Yikebike !

YikeBike America
YikeBike America